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Guest Speaker Training
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Final Expense Training
John Fitzgerald
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Appointment Setting Round Table
Welcome to the NFS Training Pages. Here you'll find scripts and presentations, as well as numerous recorded interviews with top producers who have agreed to share their ideas for success. Why re-invent the wheel when you can simply duplicate the methods already being used by other successful producers.

For new agents, remember there is no substitute for the valuable experience gained by working in the field. That's where you really learn to sell insurance. So, soak in all the training, get your self some fresh leads, and learn what it means to be a real producer. Good Selling!
Door Knocking and Appointment Setting - Live Leads
Looking for a way to get in front of more qualified prospects with out spending a lot of money? Try our Dignity Planning Final Expense Seminar. Any Senior (55+) apartment building, other Senior related facilities, or health or church groups all work well. Go through our short Power Point presentation followed by the Dignity Planning video. It all take about 30 minutes and has proven to generate many qualified appointments. Contact your up line manager for access to the Seminar Power Point presentation.
Dignity Planning - Final Expense Seminar