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Live Life Leads - Are Final Expense leads generated by a live telemarketer throughout the call. They are posted to your exclusive on line spreadsheet and include all data and call recordings. Click the button below to view the Live Life Lead script. If interested in "B" Leads, contact your up line manager for availability.
Press 1 Leads - (Not available in MO or IN) Are initiated by a live telemarketer. Interested prospects are then transferred to a recording regarding Burial Insurance. At the end of the recording they are prompted to Press 1 and leave their information for a local agent to contact them. Minimum order is 25 leads.
Senior Data Lists - Are lists of seniors including name, address and phone number. They are pulled for ages 50 to 80, have an income range of 20K to 60K, and are with in a small radius of your chosen zip code. This option is for agents who want to do their own door knocking or telemarketing. Minimum order is 2000 names.
Direct Mail - Are high quality mailers available for $320/1000 with Tranamerica Premier, or $220/1000 with Security National Life (qualify for SNL with $2500 in AP). To order, download the form and submit to your up line manager.
Avatar Leads - Are created utilizing professionally prerecorded prompts designed to sound like a live telemarketer. A live operator manipulates the prompts to create a conversation with the prospect. Because the voice is always the same, Avatar Leads deliver consistent quality as speed, tempo and accent never change.
Lead Credits (Replacement Not Refund)

  • Over 85 years of age
  • Died or moved within 72 hours of lead generation
  • Duplicate within the last 60 days (Same lead type)
  • Stated "Not Interested" anytime after intro message
  • Stated they had a terminal illness (Death expected within 12 months)
  • Out of requested area greater than 5 miles
  • Wrong phone # (Press 1 only)
  • Credits for Press 1, Live Life and Avatar Leads

Requests must be made within 72 hours of receiving lead and must be submitted using Lead Credit Request Form

Lead Orders
Order Press 1, Live Life and Avatar Leads by clicking the Lead Orders link. Also, please be sure to review the Lead Credit policy below. Good Selling!