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                                        NFS Discounted Lead Programs

Live Life Leads - $11.50 each - (Minimum 10 Leads) Larger quantities can be ordered on blocks of 10

Avatar Leads  -    $9.00 each - (Minimum 10 Leads) Larger quantities can be ordered in blocks of 10

​ Press 1 Leads -     $19.00 each (Minimum 25 Leads) 
                                    $21.00 each (Colorado, California, Florida, Ohio - Minimum 25 Leads) Not available in MO or IN

Direct Mail -           $322.00 per 1000 Pieces (Must be contracted through Transamerica) 
Zip Code Analysis - A zip code analysis is available free of charge, and will provide total leads available in chosen zip codes, as well as response history in chosen zip codes. Allow 1 week for zip code analysis to be completed.

Senior Data -          $.02 per name - 2000 names minimum (without phone numbers) 
                                       $.03 per name - 2000 names minimum (with phone numbers) 

Security National Life Lead Program

SNL offers a 10% lead credit program based on production which can result in 50% of the lead invoice being paid by SNL (Must be contracted with SNL).

10% lead credit is based on "activated" annual premium. (Example: $1,500 in annual premium = $100 in lead credit)
A minimum of $1,500 in annual premium during the calendar month is required to receive lead credit.
Once agent reaches $1,500 in annual premium during the calendar month the agent is credited (updates monthly).
If agent does not activate $1,500 in annual premium during the calendar month, agent will not receive any lead credit for that months production.
Production that is under $1,500 in annual premium for the calendar month will not roll over to be used for the following month.
Lead credits can be used to pay up to 50% of the total lead invoice. The agent is responsible for the balance of the lead invoice
Lead credits will stay on the books until used by the agent.
Lead credits can only be used with approved lead vendors.

Approved Vendors: (Prices listed are full retail and do not reflect potential lead credits)

Leadzhub (203-757-7610) - Telemarketed Leads @ $25.00 Each (15 Lead Minimum)
Lead Connections (888-267-3165) - Direct Mail Leads @ $450.00 per 1,000 pieces
Lead Concepts (800-283-0187) - Direct Mail Leads @ $425.00 per 1,000 pieces

The Lead Connections mail piece is available in two versions. One is a typical Final Expense mail piece, and one actually mentions that these are "Low Cost" plans. The low cost plan version can result in a slightly lower response, but a significantly higher quality lead that is easier to work for the average agent.